Read about our history

  • 1958
    Establishment of the Lune de Miel? brand

    The Lune de Miel? brand was founded by a family of passionate and innovative beekeepers. With 150 jars sold every minute worldwide, and 28 million jars sold every year, Lune de Miel? is now the most popular brand of honey in France!

  • 1973
    Creation of our laboratory

    Our success is no coincidence! The search for quality has always been the driving force behind the brand, as shown by the 1973 creation of a private laboratory, the first in France in the honey industry. Our aim is to offer you the very best of honey whilst preserving its original pure qualities.

  • 1992
    Packaging innovations

    In line with its ongoing commitment to offering the very best to its consumers, Lune de Miel? is constantly innovating to provide practical, every-day packaging. Thus in 1992, the brand created the first flexible and compressible packaging in the form of a drop of honey. Tartimiel would become the leading honey product sold in France!

  • 1999
    Invention of the squeeze bottle

    Just a few short years after, Lune de Miel? revolutionised the packaging market with its ultra-convenient squeeze bottle, an invention for which it received the “Oscar de l’Emballage” (Packaging Oscar). This major innovation would go on to inspire manufacturers of mustard, mayonnaise, cosmetics, etc.

  • 2004
    Royal wedding

    Four years later, it was the turn of royal jelly to undergo a mini-revolution! The exclusive food of the queen bee, royal jelly is highly sought after for its exceptional stimulating properties. Lune de Miel? developed a method to preserve royal jelly for several months at room temperature, and in the process created the first honey with a very high concentration of royal jelly. The success was immediate: it is now a favourite among consumers.

  • 2008
    Launch of the doypack

    Lune de Miel? is always attentive to consumers’ needs and constantly on the lookout for more convenient packaging. It’s no wonder then that the brand developed its first flexible and economical doypack in 2008! This innovation has enjoyed huge success in Northern Europe, where consumers are particularly eco-friendly.

  • 2014
    Lune de Miel? Foundation established

    What with our ecologically responsible products and environmentally friendly methods, at Lune de Miel? we have always sought to protect the planet! It is only natural, therefore, that the brand undertook to protect bees and safeguard beekeeping by creating the Lune de Miel? Foundation in 2014, under the aegis of the Foundation of France. This is the embodiment of the spirit of initiative that has been our driving force for nearly 100 years!

Découvrir nos miels

Our mindset

At Lune de Miel?, we endeavour to produce pure and natural honey by combining beekeeping tradition and innovation. Our honeys are harvested from carefully selected apiaries and preserve all their nutritional qualities and taste.
For the whole family. For an everyday use. For brunch, snacks, breakfast or meals…. welcome nature to your table. Share the pleasures of honey with the ones you love!? A healthy product made with love, one that softens and comforts. A 100% natural product for pure pleasure!

For the sake of love and good honey!