100% pure & natural

Pure gold Our honey is the pure fruit of bees' hard work. The honey is harvested directly from the hive in accordance with time-tested beekeeping traditions. We produce honey from protected and preserved local areas, in France and around the world, finding the best origins for each floral designation. Honey, nothing but honey! Additive-free, and with no added sugar and preservatives, our honeys contains nothing but the nectar that bees have transformed into honey! Jarred with love Since 1973, all our honeys have undergone rigorous laboratory inspections. We thereby guarantee the traceability, purity, origin and taste of the honey, offering you the highest standards of quality.

Taste and quality

Nice and healthy Did you know that honey is the oldest natural sweetener? Using honey is a healthy and tasty way to sweeten your food! There are as many different varieties of honey as there are flowers! The taste of the honey depends directly on the flower from which the pollen and nectar were gathered. This means that there's a wide range of flavours possible! So whether it's a fruity, woody or floral honey, there's always a flavour to suit your mood! Preserved qualities Our know-how and innovative manufacturing and filtering processes allow us to preserve all the nutritional qualities and fine tastes in our honeys. By consuming these Lune de Miel? honeys, you’re not only indulging yourself, you’re also doing yourself good!

Respect for bees

A key role For over 80 million years, bees have played an indispensable role in nature and have helped preserve biodiversity through pollination. Bees in danger Atmospheric pollution, pesticides, diseases and Asian hornets all threaten bees. Their numbers are falling and the production of honey is in decline. Our commitment Through our daily actions and practices, we undertake to take care of hives and harvest honey with respect for bees and their environment. We are campaigning to preserve honey. We also created the Lune de Miel? Foundation in 2014, under the aegis of the Foundation of France, to save bees and beekeeping.