Since its formation, Lune de Miel? has always sought to preserve the environment and local production areas. In view of the alarmingly high death rate of bees, which is threatening the entire ecosystem and severely affecting beekeeping, the brand created the Lune de Miel? Foundation in 2014.


Under the aegis of the?Foundation of France, the?Lune de Miel? Foundation?strives?to protect bees?and develop beekeeping.

With?an initial budget de 500,000 euros?over five years, or 100,000 euros per year,? the?Lune de Miel? Foundation??funds?general interest projects?that seek to safeguard bees and beekeeping, for example apiaries fighting to preserve species, as well as projects relating to applications of honey and other hive products.? The Foundation also funds?research?into the causes of field bee colony weakness.


The Foundation also aims to raise awareness among the general public.?The disappearance of bees isn’t a global catastrophe that affects beekeepers alone. It?affects us all!?Bees are the biggest pollinators, meaning ?they enable plants to reproduce. That alone underlines their ecological and economic importance! According to the National Association of French Beekeeping (UNAF) and the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry, over ?80%?of plant production depends on pollination by bees,?170,000 species?of flowering plants! When you consider that?40%?of our food depends on bees and their pollination, you’ll understand that it’s?our entire ecosystem that’s in danger and that now is the time to act!


In working to protect bees and beekeeping,?the Lune de Miel? Foundation is also fighting for biodiversity: diversity of animal species, plant species, ecosystems, environments and landscapes.?This is a commitment that will benefit the whole world.. and the entire planet!